Add a Keyword




JSON Parameters:

* = Required parameters

Parameter Value
* action addkeyword
* token Your access token
* listName The name of the list
keyword Keyword used to join the list
welcome_message Message displayed to the user when they join the list
double_opt_in Y - Sepcify Y to require a double option (User must confirm joining the list by responding Y)
closed_group Y - Specify Y making this a closed list. Users must be added manually

Example Request:

curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -XPOST "" -d '{ "action":"addkeyword", "listName":"My List", "keyword":"mylist", "token":"Your access token","confirmationMessage":"Welcome to our group", "moderatedGroup":"Y", "closedGroup":"Y"}'


{ "success":"true", "message":"Keyword added OK" }