Prayer Requests

We've made it so easy for your members to submit prayer requests you'll have to make sure your prayer teams are ready to go!
Members just text the word pray to your dedicated phone number and they will have the option to either directly text their prayer request, or click a link to access your guest book.

With our Planning Center integration, prayer request are added to the persons profile into a new note! Now when you lookup a person's profile, all their prayer requests will be listed. But there's more.

First time users will be prompted for their name, and be given the option to link their account to their cell phone number.


The Prayer Dashboard

Our prayer dashboard allows you to view and reply to the desired prayer requests via a text message.
And the replies will come from your assigned number so members won't see your personal cell number.

With our Planning Center integration, your replies will be saved directly into the members profile to complete the cycle.
Now all prayer requests and replies can be seen directly in a person's profile.

This introduces a whole new level of interaction and engagement with your members, and let's your people know that you are actively praying for their needs.

If you use Planning Center

When you access a members account, all their prayer requests will be listed in the notes area.